IMG_7070Yoga With Asrael

 Live Online Wednesday’s Via Zoom

Hatha Yoga-Mixed Level Classes

4:30-6:00 PST/7:30-9:00 EST

Live Online Thursday’s Via Zoom

Healing Light Yoga Inspired Class

10:30-12:00 PST/1:30-3:00 EST

All Levels Welcome

Classes are Recorded If You Can’t Make the Live Time

Call 250 597 3973 for more information.

Class Link/Schedule and Registration – Register Here

These classes are all levels- and are fine for every body. That being said, it’s a soothing class, not a restorative class. We challenge ourselves, by settling and sinking into our physical being, and allowing ourselves to melt and be with what arises. I offer many adjustments, and even if you just lie on your back the entire time, that is perfect. For me these classes are a opportunity to be a channel for what wants to come through for the group, and so there is always a beautiful weaving of spirit dancing through each moment and each word. There is a powerful magic that happens when we come together in community, in practice and in deep surrender, and I am so excited and honoured to share with you all. And what better medicine is there than deep breathing?

$15 drop in

Punch Cards and Monthly Passes are at the registration link

Yoga With Asrael

Flow with your breath. Connect with your spirit. Move into your being. These classes are great for all levels of yogi, offering a challenge to those more experienced, yet very accessible to the beginner. Flowing at times, we learn to be with our breath, our body, and our thoughts as we melt into the asanas. Experiencing the moment, opening the heart and the mind, and accepting the energy of being where we are, at the same time creating strength, stamina, and flexibility. Always infused with spirit and bliss, and lots of smiles:) Yoga poses, pranayama, and relaxation are all experienced in these classes.

Best of all is the beautiful community of yogi’s to connect, grow and share with.

The Details-

  • Time- Wednesday’s Starting March 25, 4:30-6:00 PST/ 7:30-9:00 EST (I know this is late for you East Coasters- but it is a gentle practice that will nourish sleep)
  • Access- All classes are recorded and you will be sent a private youtube link to access if you miss the class or would just like to re take it.
  • Classes are online via zoom- an easy application to download, and beautiful to use. You can turn your camera off if you don’t want to be seen.
  • Registration- Each week there will be a new link- If you would like to receive that email with the link let me know- and I will make sure you get it the day before, I will also post it here-
  • Fee-Suggested donation- I am asking for $15.  This is sliding scale- any donation is appreciated. No one will be turned away. Everyone is welcome.
  • Supplies– A yoga mat, a blanket are helpful, and then if you like blocks, or a strap, or an eye pillow are all nice additions but not necessary.



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Healing Light Yoga Therapy

Online Recorded Classes- Register Here

Childs PoseThrough my studies in Ayurveda I have learned to appreciate and love a different kind of yoga.  A yoga of union with our consciousness, of balance and of breath.   In the Ayurvedic Yoga classes we use a healing breath and direct that energy into our chakras and into the parts of our body that needs the most love.  The asanas are held a bit longer than in a traditional class, but are gentle and opening, creating balance and flow in the nadi’s (energy channels of the body).  In this way we get deeper than a regular asana class, we connect more fully with all the layers of our being, and we melt into the space of peace and relaxation.  Very restorative, very loving, and suitable for any level of yogi.

The next live 6 week session will start in June.  Recorded classes will soon be available online.

Call or email me for more information:

HEALING LIGHT YOGA THERAPY  – The essence of Ayurvedic Healing

Healing Light Yoga Therapy releases Ama (toxins) on all levels of life:

  • Clears cellular memory to heal from the inside out
  • Changes energetic patterns that create imbalance in the mind and body
  • Transforms old emotional wounds to create deep inner peace
  • Restores flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease
  • Expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom

…and much, much more.


Private lessons are available, contact me for pricing:) 
I will come to you, or you can come to me:)

“Amazing practice today…so glad we found you! We were a little spoiled with yoga options in Toronto. Your practice is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Namaste!”~ Brian K. (Cobble Hill, BC)