The Elemental Woman

 We invite you to take a moment and imagine yourself in nature.


Barefoot in a mossy glade, surrounded by the strength of large trees.


Resting on a beautiful, warm and sunny beach, golden sands and aquamarine water at your toes.


Floating in a cool, refreshing lake on a hot summer’s day.


Walking in a green meadow, the gentle breeze fresh on your face.

Join us for this 5 week immersion into the Elements and discover their innate support and resonance in your self and your life.


Notice what happens when you are connected to nature, even in imagination. Notice what changes in your body, in your mind, and in your emotional state.

You may feel peace, relaxation, openness, and freedom.

What if you could reconnect with nature in your life?  What if you could tune into the natural flow of it in your body and day-to-day living?  What would it be like to feel grounded, safe, renewed and at peace?

This sense of joy and freedom you experienced in your imagination is the natural energy of being attuned to Nature, something we have learned to disconnect from over time.

Nature is the first Mother – the life-giver. Through fire, water, earth, space and air, she creates us. So many of us have lost connection to this powerful nourishment that is all around and within us.

Having lost connection to her, we have forgotten the glory of creation itself and move through life in a hypnotic, robotic state of emptiness and sadness. Yet when we sit quietly by a flowing river or gaze at a campfire, something is soothed inside us.

In our busy lives we have learned to disconnect from these sources of who we are and where our energy flows. What if we could learn to connect with the nature that exists not just around us, but within us?  What if we could feel peace, joy and connection?


What if this could be safe, supported and not “work”, but be simple, nourishing and fun?


Join Aparna and Asrael for “The Elemental Woman”:

A five week circle for women, where we will connect with the power of the elements and activate them in our bodies for greater peace, energy, digestion, flow and stability in our lives.

Let’s tune in together.

The Elements And How They Reflect In Us

Space is the feeling of something bigger than what we know. It is our intelligence, our brightness, our unique personality and the light in our eyes. It is our presence.

Air is the movement of our thoughts, the words that want to be sung and spoken, the feeling of excitement and the breath in our body. It is our living.

Fire is transformation, digestion, movement, and desire. It is the strength of our mind and our will, and the power we feel after a brisk walk on a cool day. It is our awakening.

Water is flow. It is our emotions and our connections to others. It is the space in our womb, and the movement of fluids in our body.  It is our birth.

Earth is structure. It is our stability and the strength of our muscles.  It is the building blocks of our bones, and the steadiness of our feet on the grounded earth. It is our body.

Course Details

  • This gathering will meet for 90 minutes weekly for 5 weeks and will allow you to experience the elements within and outside you without needing to be in the forest camping for a week.

  • Each week is a powerful and gentle experiential learning and an experience of the element and how it manifests in your body. We will revive ways of being that are natural, nurturing and healing.

  • Each week you will be assigned short daily practices to fully engage each element.  These practices are gentle and give you an in-depth experience of the totality of who you are.

  • This course will also help you understand how the elements work in your body and mind, and what to look for when something feels “off”.

  • This is a circle. The group dynamic will be active and involved. We will have plenty of time for sharing, and expressing.  And we also understand that for some silence is more nurturing.

  • There will be a private facebook group for connecting and sharing and in a sacred community.



These Circles begin on Tuesday, February 19 at 4:30 pm PST/7:30 pm EST and run weekly for 5 weeks live on ZOOM and are accessible anywhere in the world.  All classes are recorded if you can’t make it live.

We would love to have you with us.


All classes are 4:30pm PST/7:30 pm EST and 60 minutes long

A Gathering Of Space- Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Gathering Of Air- Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Gathering Of Fire- Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A Gathering Of Water- Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Gathering Of Earth- Tuesday, March 19, 2019

More Info?

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or call 250 597 3973

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$99 USD- 1 person

$150 USD – 2 people


Who Are We?

Asrael and Aparna both practice healing arts that focus on creating a  lifestyle that bring us closer to alignment and relieve the burdens of being in the modern world.  Colleagues and gentle friends for many years, the flow of their relationship has developed into a powerful partnership of holding space for deep healing, awakening and connection for groups of women who are evolving into their deepest truth. 


aparna at nectar (1)

Aparna Khanolkar- “Every living being is a unique blend of mind, body, and energy. As a human being, this blend is your personal imprint upon the world. This living, breathing organism called “you,” can thrive and live with passion, intensity and full engagement with life when you care deeply about your physical, mental and energetic well-being. The ancient yogis of India have spent thousands of years mastering the art and technologies of inner wellness, which directly benefits your physical and mental well-being. I guide my clients via Zoom online and in person using Vedic tools such as mantras, yoga, asana, Ayurvedic food and spiritual processes to support them in embodying high ideals both on the spiritual and physical realm.”



Asrael Zemenick- “We are opening into the light of ourselves, and being called to walk in the path of our purpose and our truth. In this great awakening we are learning a new way of being, of connecting and of living in this world. The journey is a beautiful one, but sometimes rocky and uncertain as old patterns, beliefs and energies fall away”. Asrael compassionately guides her clients on their journey to themselves in person and online all over the world. She embraces the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and integrates it with deep intuition to create a powerful space for healing and transformation. Her greatest joy is seeing others grow into the light of their true selves. Asrael weaves together the wisdom of Vedic Spiritual Counselling, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Healing Light Yoga,  Jyotish Astrology, and Ancient Energy Work to the unique needs of the individual and time.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
 Committing to our personal growth is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, and also one of the scariest.  By making a firm financial commitment over time- we can ground the work that we are doing, and support the evolution of our soul, there is no escape there is only moving forward in alignment to our highest purpose.
We put our hearts and souls into every course and offering we create, We ask that you commit 100% to your full participation before you register.
Our cancellation and refund policy are in place to guarantee the fair allocation of slots in various courses to students who are ready to commit to a deeper dive into your well-being and spiritual awakening.
Your registration payment to Aparna Khanolkar and Asrael Zemenick is not refundable or returnable or transferable to another person. No exceptions.  Please register with full awareness of the agreement and commitment you are entering into. However, if you can cancel up to a week before an event or course, you will receive 50% credit for an upcoming offering of your choice.
Payment via Paypal or check must be completed upon acceptance in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in courses.