Jyotish Astrology

jyotishaJyotish Astrology, or Vedic Astrology, can give insight into some of the key psychospiritual issues in one’s life.  It differs from Roman Astrology in a few key ways, the charts are calculated through a sidereal system, which bases the readings of not only the planets, but of constellations, giving the charts a 23 degree difference from their Roman counterparts.  Jyotish Astrology also pays more attention to the moon and to the rising sign, instead of the outward personality of the sun.  Through a chart interpretation we can  begin to see many different influences that may be affecting us, through our health, our emotions, and our choices in all aspects of life.  Different aspects of the planets, their strengths, and the certain period you are in, will all affect the everyday life.  By understanding the birthchart, and learning how to work with the energies of the planets, one can grow, heal and flow into the potential they were born with.

Includes gemstone and yagya recommendations

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