Devi Rasa- The Essence Of The Goddess

Join Asrael Zemenick and Aparna Khanolkar during the auspicious festival Navarati
– The 9 days of Mother Divine to celebrate and honor the feminine within.

The theme this year is Devi Rasa – The Essence of the Goddess.

The word Goddess is over-used in today’s world. During the 3-day immersion during Navaratri (Nine Days dedicated to Mother Divine), we will explore the Goddess from the Vedic lineage. We will embrace movement, meditation, mantra, breath, and stories to embody the Goddess.

Each day we will explore the qualities of Mother Divine and delve into applying these to our own lives.

Day 1 – We will explore the beauty and qualities of abundance in Goddess Lakshmi

Day 2 – We will dive into the artistic qualities of Saraswati

Day 3 – We will explore the fierce protective energy of Durga





This transformational 3 day course creates space and holds the intention for us all to open into the beauty of our divine hearts. In this supported journey of heart centered awareness, Asrael and Aparna will guide you through a gentle awakening of the energy body, inviting you to connect with your bright heart and your true consciousness.

Each day we will meet in sacred space, coming together as a group of women, to honour the goddess that lives within us, and to open to the awakened heart.

During this time, we will support you into connection with the courage, strength, joy and radiance of your blessed heart. Ultimately guiding you into the “Sattva” or pure essence of your being.




Each 75 minute session includes a guided meditation, group sharing and tools to connect us with the anahata (heart) chakra (mantra, pranayama, marmas, movement), and the support and wisdom of Asrael and Aparna.

All Meetings Will Be Recorded If You Can’t Make It Live Or Have To Miss A Class

We do encourage you to commit to joining in live- treat it as a mini at home retreat- but we do understand the schedules may not allow it.



When-Wednesday October 9- Wednesday October 11, 9:00 am PST- 10:15 PST/ 12 PM EST- 1:15 PM EST

Cost– $99

Where– Online Via Zoom

Register Here-

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