Being- Recognizing The Light We Are




I have been thinking a lot about being.  It’s something we do naturally. In fact it is the essential truth of who we are. We don’t do being. It just is. Yet it’s so hard to embrace sometimes. It’s so much easier to think that we have to do more. That we have to create action or be in action to be worthy, or to get things done. In our culture, our nervous systems are so frazzled that it’s easy to keep running this story and this energy.  This makes sense, when the nervous system isn’t settled how can we be?

It’s wonderful to have desires, to want to be of service, to connect with a purpose that calls us.  Yet at the same time, it can sometimes pull us out of the truth of our lives and our connection with nature. We overwork, overdo, and keep going past the point of what is nourishing. Fatigue and exhaustion are common imbalances in our Vata/Pitta aggravated society. In reality our nervous systems are in hyper overdrive from doing. I believe the root cause of this imbalance, is our disconnection with honouring our true innate power.  The power that we hold just in being.



I notice that the more that I settle in, the more ease there is in creating. The more I let go, the more flow there is in abundance. The more I AM, instead of do, the more pleasure I have being of service.  But it takes practice to “be”. Remembering that I can stop for my second meditation of the day, letting the dishes sit for a few hours, or even just taking the day off from emails, and paperwork.  Just a soft shift in perception, by giving ourselves the permission to stop, we can remember how in ourselves we are perfect, just in who we are.

Are you noticing these patterns? This undercurrent of overdoing?

A simple way to start to shift this energy, is to slow down and pay attention. Set a little alarm to go off a few times a day, and when it does, stop, take a breath, look around you, feel your body, and notice how you feel.  Often that is enough of a gentle reminder to shift something, even for a moment. And of course, time for yourself in a regular Ayurvedic Dinacharaya (Practice), and taking time in your day for meditation, yoga, dance, nature or any other practice that reminds you to tune in and connect, will support the flow and ease of “Be- ing”.


Nourishing Your Sacred Fire

I was inspired to create a short guided meditation on nourishing our centre of being- the sacred space of our essential divine worth, The Manipura Chakra. It’s a beautiful practice, one where we light our own sacred fire- connection with essential flame of our being. Enjoy.

Moon Temple

December Moon Circle

Monday, December 3

6-7 pm PST/ 9-10 pm EST

By Donation

Cycles, Rhythms, Nature, Consciousness, Exploration Of The Divine Within The Human Via The New Moon. November 5 – Worldwide on Zoom, with Aparna and Asrael. (Aparna is in Mother India, so will be joining us this month in spirit- and by a video recording greeting:) 

It’s time for a sacred Moon Temple- I would love for you join me this coming Monday December 3, for another beautiful Monthly Moon Circle. These circles are monthly gatherings of community, ritual and awakening. They are hosted on a site that has a forum that we will use as an altar for intention setting and sharing, as well as a place of connecting with our community.

By donation. All are welcome. Let’s go deep into the stillness and womb of consciousness, creating together in sublime energies.

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Thank you all for reading, and for being!

I so appreciate you-


The Sacred Temples We Call Home

Namaste Dear Friends,

I have been thinking a lot about embodiment lately, not just in the “spiritual” sense, but about how it feels to be in physical form.  It’s not a new theme for me, it is something that is present in every moment.  As I live in this body every day, I can’t help but be aware of my connection to it and its place in my life.  In Ayurveda, the body is an ever present reminder of our reflection of spirit here on earth,  a manifestation of consciousness through the cells.  In my yoga classes, I often refer to our bodies as a sacred temple, a place that we have chosen to live in, and to support us on this earthly plane.

So the question I have been with over time is: Why are we so harsh to our bodies? So judgemental?  Why do we push them so much at times to keep them going when they are tired or want rest? And where do we get the idea that our physical form should be different from what it is?  Stronger, softer, sleeker, (you get the idea).  Where do we get the idea that we are not perfect exactly as we are?

I think as a culture, or perhaps even as a species, we over identify with these beliefs that if only our body was different then we would be happy. This identification constantly pulls us into the dream state of being separate, or not enough.  Even when we have pain, discomfort, or illness in our body, it is our home.  How do we care for our home? Usually with love, and attention.  What would it be like to give that same attention and energy to our bones, muscles, bellies, hair, all parts of us?

These past few years, I have made a focused intention to bring more love and gratitude to the form that I am in. Every day I wake up grateful for the strength of my body, for the support of it, for its health, and for getting me this far.  When there is pain, or discomfort, I ask-What are you trying to share with me? What do you need?  And then I listen. It has been almost 44 years on this planet, and my vehicle for the most part has served me very well.  I still have my underlying story that will pop up from time to time, the “not good enough” one, but in general I have enjoyed taking time honouring the parts of me that are in my perception weaker, or squishier, or tighter, or more brittle.  As I age, grow and change I can wonder at the transformations in my outer self- and know it is part of the beautiful gift of being alive, here on earth.

I find that daily practices support this connection with the truth of my innate beauty; Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation.  Perhaps the most powerful ways of honouring my self is, just touching my body, in my daily self massage practice. I also love placing my hands on my belly and feeling its softness and space, letting them rest there and holding this creative space of my being (male or female this is the space of our creative womb, the water essence, emotions, and the seat in many ways of our consciousness).

I thought I would share a video with you-Gentle Body awareness with our belly (the seat of our 2nd chakra).  Soft massage, and hip circles.  Short, sweet yet very nourishing. I hope you enjoy, and I invite you to take time to truly open to and honour the magic of your form in this world.  You ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way you were made, in every moment, at every age, and for eternity.

Upcoming Events

Healing Light Yoga-Awakening Into The Energy Body-Starts This Saturday!

A Six Week Journey Into The Essence Of Your Being

Starting Saturday, November 3.

8:00-9:30 am PST/11-12:30 am EST.

$108 USD + tax

Online Via Zoom

All classes are recorded if you can’t be there live.

Register Here-

 It’s time to awaken to your pure potential.

In this powerful and awakening 6 week series we will open the doors to our expanded truth, and connect with our innate power to heal body/mind/emotion/spirit. This is an opportunity to experience deep surrender, great opening, and to deepen our awareness of the energy body.
Live Online- And All Classes are recorded in case you can’t be present. There is also a beautiful community forum for questions and sharing.

If you have any questions about the course, or this modality at all please don’t hesitate to connect. I would love to share with you.

More Information and Registration Here

And if you are interested in what Healing Light Yoga is, I invite you to watch this short video.  It may inspire you to find out more.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


NEW- Monthly Moon Circles

Monday, November 5

6-7 pm PST/ 9-10 pm EST

By Donation

 Cycles, Rhythms, Nature, Consciousness, Exploration Of The Divine Within The Human Via The New Moon. November 5 – Worldwide on Zoom, with Aparna and Asrael.

It’s time for a sacred Moon Temple- My colleague, Aparna Khanolkar and I would love for you join us this coming Monday November 5 for our first Monthly Moon Circle. Our intention is for these circles to be monthly gatherings of community, ritual and awakening. They are hosted on a site that has a forum that we will use as an altar for intention setting and sharing, as well as a place of connecting with our community.

By donation. All are welcome. Let’s go deep into the stillness and womb of consciousness, creating together in sublime energies.

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Thank all again so much for your time, your sharing and being part of my community.

In light and love


Autumn Reflections

Namaste Beautiful Beings Of Light,

I hope you are well.

I thought I would share a bit about what was going on in my world these past few weeks. The seasons are changing and as we begin our transition into darker nights, cooler temperatures and a more inward cycle of being it’s a potent reminder to remember that life is beautiful in all its shades.

Gratitude- The sun has been shining beautifully, it’s been golden and warm during the days, and crisp and clear at night. Grateful for this nourishing light before the west coast winter begins. Grateful for my garden and it’s bounty. Grateful for the earth and it’s never-ending support.

Transitions- Chela, my sweet, orange lion is in the midst of crossing over- transitioning back to the stars. It’s been interesting to hold space for him, to just give love and nourishment, and to accept it is his time (could be today- could be a week from now). His big beautiful heart has given so much, that it is running out of energy. Witnessing his slow movement, his deep rest, and his purrs and trusting he will go when he is ready (or let us know if he needs help). Lots of emotion of course.. pure, alive and intense at times.. But most of all deep, deep love.

Inspiration- Subtle, yet sweet- listening to the energy that wants to flow through me. Feeling its invitation and opening to it’s movement, and creative flow. Interested to know how it will express itself into the world

Rest- the need for deep rest, as the days shorten noticing my bedtime gets earlier and earlier. Allowing myself to lie down, to surrender and to go inward. My meditation practices too- so valuable and needed now.

How are you?


It’s been a while since I shared a recipe- And autumn is a beautiful time to do so.  The time of year to dive deep into a warm bowl of soup or stew, to luxuriate in tender, well cooked vegetables, to eat something that feels like a nourishing, supportive hug.

Savory Pumpkin/Winter Squash Vegetable

A recipe from- Chef Mosa at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts

Serves 5


5 cups of pumpkin or winter squash of your choice, peeled and chopped into 1- to 2-inch cubes (feel free to add in carrots, Brussels sprouts, or any other local fall vegetable)
1½ tbsp. ghee
1 tsp. cumin seeds
3 to 4 bay leaves
2 Tbsp. grated ginger (fresh)
¼ tsp. asafoetida
½ tsp. turmeric
¼ tsp. gharam masala
½ tsp. coriander powder
1 tsp. salt
¼ tsp. brown sugar


Steam pumpkin cubes for 20 minutes.
In a saucepan over medium flame, heat ghee until hot and add cumin seeds.
When cumin seeds are brown — stirring constantly — add ginger, bay leaves, asafoetida, and (last) add turmeric and gharam masala.
Add steamed pumpkin, stir, and cook for 5 minutes.
Add salt, coriander powder, and sugar.
Stir well, and then cover for 5 minutes.
Remove from flame and serve.




Healing Light Yoga- Awakening Into The Energy Body

A Six Week Journey Into The Essence Of Your Being

Starting Saturday, November 3.

8:00-9:30 PST/11-12:30 EST.

$108 USD + tax

Online Via Zoom

All classes are recorded if you can’t be there live.

Register Here-

As many of you know I love to embrace healing on the very energetic level of being. In life we are so much more than the body (although the body is an essential part of our experience here on earth).  I also believe that if we can come into greater connection with our own ability to heal and connect with all parts of ourselves, that we can truly expand in our health, our wellbeing, and our light.

Healing Light Yoga is a beautiful and powerful consciousness based modality,  that taps into our full potential of healing- body, mind and spirit.  In this upcoming series, we will be embracing the energy body and opening to the deep and subtle flows, awakening to the power with in.  I would love for you to join me.

More Information Here


Thank You Again for your time, and presence in my life

Wishing you all a most beautiful and wonderful day,








One of the keys to connecting with the inherent light of our being.

What are you grateful for today?



I am thankful for so much. Both the things that fill me with joy, and the things that challenge me. Thankful for my friends, family and community, and grateful for my pets and for the work I am supported to share. I am grateful for my teachers, and for my home. I am especially grateful for the earth, and all the nature in it. Plants, Animals, Minerals, Wind, Air, Rain and all the way it comes up. And I am grateful for all that that challenges me, that allows me to grow, the things that I may not understand or like. I am grateful for these more difficult things both that well up inside of me and outside of me. I am grateful for the experiences. I am grateful for being here at this powerful and crazy time.. I am grateful for so much more than I can express here. I am so grateful….





Shedding The Skin




I hope you are all well.  I am.

We are enjoying a very early and sudden autumn here on the west coast of Canada.  It’s a mixed blessing, as I am feeling deepest gratitude for the rain and at the same time, deep longing for more sunshine. It does feel good to get into the flow of September, back to routine and a more committed focus in general.

It’s been a while since I have shared and I am hoping I will write more this year. I just figured out how to connect my website blog to my email server, so intend to share shorter emails more often as I become inspired (think guided meditation, mudras, recipes, creative channellings). Today, I just wanted to share a little bit about what I have been experiencing and exploring in my field of consciousness this summer. Thank you for taking the time to tune in and to read.




Endings and Beginnings

It’s been quite a summer, full of intensity and growth. A potent time of fiery endings and powerful beginnings. There has been lots of change and discomfort, as life seems to be pushing us to the edge for greater evolution.  It’s as if the universe is saying that it’s time to be who you are meant to be. There are no excuses, you are here for a reason so move forward- NOW.  While at times it feels like there is no movement happening at all, I feel like the snake who has been shedding it’s skin, although this skin has moved from the inside out. Does this feel like a common theme for the past 6-7 years? Or is it just me?  It seems to intensify each year though.

For me, it’s been all about letting go of responsibility, and in a greater sense, about embracing more of the Divine Feminine in my life and less of the Divine Masculine. I have always blamed (yes blamed), my over-responsible nature on an imbalanced third chakra, but it’s come to my attention these past few months, that it’s really more about the role I have chosen to take on since a young child, of active doing. I don’t think it is just me, I think much of our western culture has taken on that ideal, and it’s not necessarily something that makes us stronger.

In my life these patterns of responsibility run deep, woven within my subtle energy body. In my day to day life I am great at surrendering, taking it easy and allowing inspiration to rise up.  I don’t stress, I trust in the abundance of life and it’s flow, and I have a happy life with my family and my beautiful community.  Yet underneath all of that easy and sweet energy, there has always been a gnawing sense of needing to do, keep busy, figure things out and get things done- very subtle yet very powerful. Chains that I have been holding onto for lifetimes. I believe that this is what is dissolving, not just for me, but for many of us. As the earth awakens, and  consciousness continues to rise, I believe that this has no place in this being, or world any more.

These past few months, an awakening has taken place within. A divine knowing that I no longer can carry the burden of taking care of everything. There is no purpose to these mental patterns, to this driving sense of movement. I have felt this through pain and discomfort, mostly in this body (that’s when I really start to pay attention- physical discomfort),  but also in the mind and in the emotions.  Yet within it all there has been a deep knowing, a deep trust and a deep surrender.

I believe that we used to listen to the intelligence of nature. We attuned ourselves to the energies of the seasons, and the patterns of the day. Time wasn’t always so limited or pressing, and life was for living, not for doing.  I believe this from my deepest heart. I believe that it will once again be so.  Things are cracking us wide open, so this can be so.





This is an affirmation I have been using alot this summer, and sharing with many of my clients as well.

Very simple, yet very powerful

I let go of every person, problem, thought or thing

that is no longer part of the divine plan for my life


I open to all of the wonderful things that the divine has in store for me




Just Because

A beautiful expression and reminder of the truth of being.

Watch and read the words, and then listen again with your eyes closed.  Just amazing!


Upcoming Events

I just wanted to take a few moments to share some of the beautiful offerings that will be shared in the next month or two.

Blessed Feminine

It’s finally here- A Divine Temple to hold space for the powerful and transformative workshops held by Aparna and I.  

Our intention is to create space for women to gather, to share and to grow together. We will be holding Monthly Moon Temples, and also offering some beautiful courses over the year.

The website is – 

and we have also started on online temple on facebook to create a community for people to share and be inspired. Join us here-

And here is a beautiful short (about 20 minutes long) interview that Aparna had with me about our new website.



Ayurveda And The Emotions


October 2, 2018

4:30-5:30 PST/ 7:30-8:30 EST

It is my honour to present this workshop through the Ayurvedic Association Of Canada. It’s free if you are a member, and $40 CAD if you are not.

Ayurveda embraces health and wellness on all the levels of our being, from the most dense to the most subtle. Emotions are a big part of this life, and they can often be the root cause of imbalance or disease. As we identify with and attach to our emotional patterns we are pulled away from the essence of our true nature. Ayurveda offers the tools and the wisdom to open to emotions in a new way, creating space for deep healing for our body, mind and spirit.

In this powerful, informative and experiential workshop Asrael Zemenick will explore the relationship of emotions to our health, wellness and embodied consciousness, as well as share tools to create a healthy flow of emotional well being.

Some of the things we will explore are
Emotional Ama- Is there such a thing? What is it? How does it manifest? Where do we notice it the most?
Emotions and The Doshas- There are certain patterns that resonate with different Dosha’s and common imbalances.
Emotions And The Energy Body– Emotional energies flow through the subtle body in different ways- Chakras, Koshas and Nadis.
Digesting Emotions- Proper digestion is essential for vibrant health- emotions, like food need to be assimilated and digested.
Tools For Emotional Flow– Daily Practices that support emotional intelligence and the awakened self.

Register Here-


Devi Rasa- The Essence Of The Goddess



Oct 9-11, 2018

9-10:15 PST/12-1:15 EST

This transformational 3 day course creates space and holds the intention for us all to open into the beauty of our divine hearts. In this supported journey of heart centered awareness, Asrael and Aparna will guide you through a gentle awakening of the energy body, inviting you to connect with your bright heart and your true consciousness.

Each day we will meet in sacred space, coming together as a group of women, to honour the goddess that lives within us, and to open to the awakened heart.

During this time, we will support you into connection with the courage, strength, joy and radiance of your blessed heart. Ultimately guiding you into the “Sattva” or pure essence of your being.
We would love for you to join us:



Thank you all so much for all that you do.  Every moment we spend caring and connecting with ourselves, is a moment of healing for the entire world. I am grateful for your presence in my life. I am grateful for your essential energy that is part of the evolution of consciousness. I am grateful for you, in your humanness.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.






Healing Light & Yoga

Angel with open hearted gesture. Photo based illustration.

I hope things are wonderful in your world, wherever you may be. It has been a month of great movement and flow in my inner world. One where the internal intensity of my being matched the brightness of the amazing full moon. At the same time my body has just wanted to be still and rest. I have been doing what I can to honour that deep sleepiness that keeps speaking out, at the same time I have been feeling the need to step out into the sunshine and let its bright rays stream into me. These days feel like a powerful time, an opportunity to go deep within and to peel back the layers of what is comfortable, to move into deeper truth of the self, the soul and the path. Comfortable or not, it’s where we are, and if you are feeling the ripples as I am, know that you are not alone.

This space is dedicated to our own power to heal and transform. Included is a small article I wrote for The Valley Voice, and information on the upcoming Healing Light Yoga Therapy class that starts March 12, as well as a delicious Carrot Pickle Recipe just for fun.


Let The Light In

DSC_0090As the season shifts into early spring, we notice more light in the world. This expansion of daylight reminds me of the light that we are, and how we can encourage energy flow to deepen our experience of being in our yoga practice.

We can always invite our experience on the mat one to be one of discovery. Working with the energy of breath and subtle intention we can explore the idea of consciousness in our body.

One of the beautiful gifts of yoga is how it connects us to our spirit. It is an opportunity to go inside and explore the depths of our being. With conscious breathing, we can do more than just relax, we can flow energy to spaces that are calling for our attention. Perhaps you are in pigeon pose, and your hip is feeling tender, try sending the breath there. Start by breathing nice and deep into the belly and then send the energy of the exhale to that sticky spot. You may notice a release, or you may notice a build up in intensity, and find a gentle release in that area during savasana. Another way to explore the essence of prana is by taking time before your final relaxation to direct breath to different areas; perhaps there has been tightness in your solar plexus, or anxiety in your heart center. Take a few moments to send the breath here, and let yourself fully surrender into savasana.

Release can come through many different forms. Tightness in the muscles can be completely physical so you may just experience relaxation. It could be stored emotions, or a trauma from our past, so you may experience images,colours, memories, even emotions. These sensations usually pass as quickly as they come as they are released.

Yoga is a wonderful way to open to the truth of our potential as energetic beings. As we connect with the breath we can experience great transformation.

Carrot Pickle (Achar)

As we enter the Kapha time of year (think wet, cool, earthy and damp), it is important to nourish our digestion with a little bit of spice, and foods that are easy to digest. One of my favourite ways to enhance “agni” is by adding a little bit of spicy pickle to my meal. A couple bites of this bright and spicy carrot achar can enhance your inner fire, encouraging assimilation of the nutrients, and giving you energy for your day. This is best eaten at the main lunchtime meal, as a small side- not as a plateful (although it is so yummy, it’s hard to resist)
Fresh Achar

achar2 Cups carrots – sliced into matchsticks
2 Tbs ginger root – cut into matchsticks
¼ tsp turmeric powder
2 Tbs fresh lime juice
1 Cup chopped cilantro leaves
1 tsp salt
1 chilli – sliced thin
1 tsp olive oil
½ tsp mustard seeds

Place all ingredients, except mustard seeds and oil in a bowl. Heat oil in a small pan on med/high heat. Add mustard seeds. When they start to pop and turn black, remove from heat and add to veg mix. Mix together and let sit for at least 30 mins before serving.


A lovely sharing from a Healing Light Yoga Client- Thank you so much Tiziana for your presence, your power and your bright open heart- It has been my pleasure and joy to work with you

“In the past few years, I had started to associate the word YOGA with a healing practice that was no longer for me! Due to illness and immobility, I was no longer able to participate in a YOGA class. When the opportunity came to work with Asrael, I almost did not take advantage of it because I feared it would be another Yoga class like many. I was wrong!

Working with Asrael made me realize that the “movement” we are seeking in YOGA is more of an internal process rather than the “motion” we experience during exercise. With her effective, yet gentle and compassionate approach, Asrael helped me bring back to life parts of myself that I thought were forever lost. It was a gradual process made of many small successes that eventually resulted in complete healing. Today, I look back and am in disbelief over the progress I made. With her clear focus, tremendous insight and knowledge Asrael guided me to let go of the trauma that was lodged deeply into my physiology and was preventing a full recovery.

I highly recommend her teachings to anybody who feels stuck yet truly wishes for the kind of deep transformation needed to experience the pure bliss of BEING that is our birthright!”- Tiziana, California USA

Healing Light Yoga- Healing With Higher Energies
In the past Healing Light Yoga series we have explored the healing power of subtle awareness and the power of mantra when taken to the subtlest level. We have begun to develop the ability to sense energy in the Chakras and in the subtle aspects of the Healing Breath.

In this final Healing Light Yoga series we will explore the profound and subtle energies that are always around us. Some refer to these energies as Guides and some as Angels. Their presence and assistance can become palpable the more closely and frequently we work with them. As we develop our awareness, we discover the Divine nature of these higher energies which are bold in both their healing power and their transmission of love.

In this 7th Series of Healing Light Yoga, we will use these Messengers of Love and the subtle energies in our environment to assist us in balancing the Chakras and creating healing in our physiologies. We invite you to join us for this exciting exploration!

Healing with Higher Energies Course Overview

Childs Pose1. Session 1: Healing Light Yoga – Core Principles Reviewed and Introduction to Subtle Perception, Intuition, and Clairvoyance

2. Session 2: Calling in Angelic Energy and Clearing the Energy Body

3. Session 3: 4th Chakra Healing with Higher Energies

4. Session 4: 3rd Chakra Healing with Higher Energies

5. Session 5: 2nd Chakra Healing with Higher Energies

6. Session 6: Integration – Healing with Angelic Energy

Registration for this course is open everyone, including those who have never done Healing Light Yoga Therapy before. Introductory videos and handouts that illustrate foundational principles are included.

Register Now

Course Details

WHERE: Live onine from the comfort of your home

WHEN: 6 Saturdays, beginning March 12; 11:00AM-12:30PM EST; 8:00AM-9:30AM PST. All sessions are recorded and are available anytime for 3 months after the class begins.

TUITION: $108 per series (only $18/class) – Includes six interactive 90-minute classes, access to class recordings, handouts, introductory educational videos, and access to the participant online forum

Taught by Asrael Zemenick (me) and facilitated by my mentor and friend, Dr. Paul Dugliss and New World Ayurveda

Learn More

10400881_44145591544_8678_nWishing you all a wonderful month. As we all flow through these transformative times together I am thankful for the connection with each and every one of you-

Blessings and Love