Marma Therapy

“My bodywork sessions with Asrael over the years have been full of relaxation, pleasure and profound healing. Her gentle and grounded presence creates a safe place to explore and release emotional blocks. I have found her depth of knowledge of healing traditions and intuitive guidance to be immensely helpful to me during times of transition. Asrael’s loving touch is nurturing and restorative. I would absolutely recommend a blissful treatment by Asrael.”- (A.B. Cobble Hill, Canada)
 herbs powder and oil in bronze cups

All Ayurvedic Body Therapies are a beautiful way to connect with your deep self, at the same time nourishing and healing the physical body.  These sessions are an opportunity to go deep within to transform and integrate old patterns, emotions and ways of being.  They are also a wonderful way to support the body as you move through emotional or physical healing.  Each session is much more than a relaxation massage, it is an experience of deep connection.  One that unfolds in the way you need it most.  The services that you can choose from are described below.  They are available individually and in combination.  All of them offer an opportunity to experience deep relaxation, as well as powerful transformation.  

At This Time Asrael Is No Longer Working With Ayurvedic Oil Treatments

Marma Therapy

chris-ensey-87456-unsplashThis is a very powerful, subtle and intuitive practice that supports deep healing from the deepest energetic to the most physical parts of our being.

In this practice Asrael works with marma points (mini chakras), that are located throughout the body. These points are held for anywhere from 30 seconds to many minutes, and may have a very soft or a very firm pressure, depending on what is intuited.  There is always work on the crown chakra, the ajna chakra, the heart chakra and the belly.  This creates space for deep peace and powerful healing.  Essential and medicinal oils are used to support relaxation and surrender. Each session is different depending on the needs at the client at the time.
Sessions can vary from 60 minutes – 2 hours

“I crawled into Asrael’s studio, stiff and stressed. After an amazing
session, I floated out, blissed and whole.” I am so grateful for her
healing gifts.  ~Shelley D. (Sunshine Coast, Canada)