Working With Asrael

Red glass heart in woman handsI would love to support you on your journey.  I have found that the greatest gift that we can give ourselves on our path of healing is to create a conscious, committed and connected relationship. In my work I have seen great emotional transformation and self realization most profoundly, when there has been a mix of modalities to support the evolution of the client over time.  Everyone has different needs; just as Ayurveda treats each being as an individual, I love to tailor unique packages for each client that can support them in the greatest way.    Over time with support of the physical and emotional being we can come into greater understanding of who we are, and what what we need.

People I love to work with are: (may be working through one or a mix of these challenges)

  • Struggling with emotional energy in their lives (anxiety, depression, anger)
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling blocked or stuck emotionally and/or mentally
  • Feeling lack of energy and flow in their lives
  • Looking for clarity for the next step in their journey
  • Having troubles sleeping at night
  • Feeling out of balance in their body
  • Feeling disconnected from their purpose
  • Searching for something more
  • Looking for a deep connection with something that feels in alignment with your soul
  • Have pain, or sensations in their body that seem to be “more” than just physical
  • Feeling stress in their lives
  • Know there is more to  life than what they are living/experiencing

Contact me for a free connection session to see if we can work together to create a path that is right for you.


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