Transformations- Magic Unfolding

I hope that this newsletter finds you well and happy.  Its hard to believe that it is already September, it feels like summer has just began.  Time is so interesting, the way that it can bend and shape itself in our perceptions.  Things are wonderful here at The Hawthorn, the universe’s abundance manifesting in all aspects of life.   The last few months have been extremely powerful, filled with so much transformation.  To ease the movements of the shifting energies, I took a month off from the newsletters to nourish my being,to enjoy the warm summer sun, the flow of the cool Cowichan River, and the peace of stillness in my being.  As life continues its flow I am still finding a full and busy schedule, but my heart missed you all, and wanted to check in.

As we step into September, its almost like stepping back into our routines, a time of harvest, but also of getting back into a regular practice in our life.  Not that it can’t be a holiday all of the time, but one that is more focused, practical and grounded.  Its a great time to get back into Yoga.  Yoga Classes, are ongoing at Oceanfront Suites in Cowichan Bay.  Classes will continue 4:30-6:00, on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, for the month of September, changing to 4:00 in October.  There will be class on Labor Day as well.  Join us in this magical practice space; as we move inside for the cooler months, we are still blessed with the beautiful ocean view.  I was lucky enough to be part of a short video for the classes~ Check it out here and see the beautiful space we practice in:)

As always I am offering beautiful and wonderful Bodywork Therapies, so soothing and nurturing, conscious healing, on such deep levels~ in a very gentle heart opening space. Consultations, Intuitive Counseling, Tarot Readings, and Jyotish Astrology are also ongoing.


Transformation- Magic Unfolding

Beautiful nightThere are so many things I could write about this month, but what keeps speaking out to me over and over, through my experience, and that of clients, friends, and family, is the powerful transformations that are occurring today.  2012, has long been held as a year of major change, and it seems that the time is now, it is upon us, and there is no running away.  There is so much happening at this time, affecting us on all the different levels of our awareness.  It seems like there is wave after wave of movement, shift and flow coming our way, in overwhelming magnitude.
What is this transformation?  How is it affecting you/us?
Its different for all of us, yet the main thing that resonates is that it is powerful, and life changing.  Perhaps there is something happening to you on a physical level, a sense of heaviness, old injuries speaking strongly to you; or a difficult to diagnose illness, something that comes on powerfully and suddenly.  On an emotional level, it can feel like a roller coaster of ups and downs, times of depression, anxiety, or great fear, while at other moments the heart just seems to sing, and see so clearly the light and love all around us.  Energetically dreams are powerful, and vivid.  Sleep may be interrupted, and in the waking state sometimes it can feel like you are vibrating at a higher level.  Your experience may just be that life is bringing you challenge, after challenge, pushing you to expand your boundaries of acceptance and surrender. At times it almost feels like there is no time to rest, to rejuvenate~ that things are happening at an amazing rate, and all you can do is hang on.

As the transformations expand, and we shed our comfortable skins, there really is not much we can do but surrender and believe.  Believe that it is all happening for our greater good, that this discomfort, pain, fear, and joy is all reverberating through us to support our souls journey, to bring greater light to the universe and the planet as a whole.  As these deep, swirling currents grab hold, know that they are enabling us to breathe fresh light into our beings, to expand our awareness, by letting go of the old “stuff” that we have been carrying.  Its not time to run away or to stuff down the emotions, to deny the experiences we may be having in our physical, and energetic systems.  Instead feel everything completely, embrace it, every bit of it.  Hold and nurture it in your heart, so that it is part of the whole,  so that it can be digested and illuminated with our hearts.  Not kept separate, not judged but experienced fully, as a friend, a teacher, and part of the beauty of all life.  Who are we to say that what is happening to us in any given moment, isn’t perfect.  Every breath is a stitch in the fabric of life, and right now, the universe is weaving a beautiful multicolored tapestry.  We are part of this wonderful evolution, and for the transformation to continue, we need to move through many changes, letting go of our judgement, and experiencing the beauty of it all.  As we step forward each moment, knowing that we are on the perfect path, and that the best we can do is believe, and be with ALL that is happening.  Remember you are not alone, we are all connected, a reflection of the whole, and the center of this whole is bright, beautiful, and shining.  As unsettled as these times are, we are supported wholly by the universe, and magic is unfolding in every moment.


Recipe Of The Month

Raita are yogurt “salads” that are mixed with vegetables and spices to create an easily digestible accompaniment to a meal.  In Ayurveda yogurt should rarely be eaten alone, it is best mixed with other spices to balance out the acidity, and eaten at room temperature.  Fresh homemade yogurt is preferable its easy to make, and wonderful in lassi’s and raitia’s .  As always, raw milk, straight from the cow is a magical nectar, but if that is unavailable, the organic, unhomogenized is fine.  If you are vegan, you can definitely substitute almond milk or coconut yogurt.

This raita is filled with the garden’s bounty, add other vegetables and experiment with the spices.  Most of all enjoy:)

Mixed Vegetable Raita

2 cups yogurt
1 tsp maple syrup
2 Tbs sunflower oil
pinch of asofetida
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp black mustard seeds
¼ tsp curry powder (optional)
2 cup grated cucumbers
½ cup grated carrots
1 small tomato, coarsely chopped
1 Tbs fresh ginger
½ cup finely chopped fresh cilantro
¼ cup chopped toasted cashews
1 ½  Tbs lemon juice
black pepper

1.  Whisk the yogurt with the maple syrup until it is free of lumps.
2  Heat the oil in a small skillet.  Add the spices in order, and saute over low heat until the mustard seeds “dance”
3.  Mix the spice mixture into the yogurt, stir in the vegetables, ginger, cilantro and cashews.  Add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful September, filled with the beauty of life.  Remember that you are never alone~ we are all connected, and the transformations may seem overwhelming, but remember,  all the cracks let the light shine in:)
Much Peace

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