Shirodhara- Melt Into Bliss


Beautiful weekend here in the Cowichan Valley.. Warm, rainy and very relaxing.  I spent the weekend with a dear friend, teaching yoga, and giving blissful bodywork to her.  My new Shirodhara stand has arrived and works wonderfully.  If you have never experienced  a Shirodhara treatment, it is an amazing treatment that brings high levels of peace and relaxation.  Warm oil flows onto the third eye and to the forehead allowing your consciousness to float, and your mind to quiet.. Very luxurious, very healing, and probably my favorite treatment that I offer.  The oil is so refreshing, and comforting, especially at this dry time of year.  Very good for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and all nervous system disorders.

Floating into bliss, by letting go, relaxing and floating in your own consciousness… So wonderful:)

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