Radiant Heart Energy- February Newsletter

Red glass heart in woman handsNamaste,
February is here, and spring is starting to appear on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia. The snowdrops, speckled with yellow aconite are leading the path down the driveway, and crocuses are starting to bloom. As the world begins to awaken from deep winter slumber, a feeling of opening occurs in my heart, of excitement and of possibility. The amazing events in Egypt multiply that feeling tenfold… peaceful protest from the peoples hearts brings immense change, imagine if we could bring that peaceful heart energy into everything we do. Valentines day is just around the corner, and while it may be a “Hallmark” holiday, it gives us the opportunity to honor and connect with our hearts, to send love out to those we love, and into the universe itself. Seasonally we are entering Kapha energy, which is sweet and soft and loving. With all this blissful heart energy in my awareness at this time, I thought I would focus my intention in this newsletter on the heart, and share ways that we can open, connect with and manifest the love that is always there all of the time.

Flying Chinese Lanterns

Perhaps one of the most powerful and amazing ways that we can connect with the heart and move more consciously into love energy, is by creating compassion in our daily lives. This practice starts with the self. Often we run stories that we aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or nice enough, or “anything else” enough. When in reality we are just perfect, even with our perceived inadequacies and mistakes. We are human after all. Notice how you react when things don’t go your way, or what your silent daily chatter in the mind is like. Are these thoughts coming from a place of love? Try not to judge if you do notice self-criticism, anger or fear. Guilt is another great deceiver of the mind. Instead see what it feels like to send yourself a smile, or say something positive in response, and as you notice the thoughts popping up try replacing them with kind words. Eventually you will notice that the thought patterns change, that the chatter can be loving, and that when things are difficult, the feeling of acceptance will be there. Daily meditation practice is a great help to this, allowing us a break from the busy mind and allowing our spirit to shine. Spirit moves through heart energy, through compassion, and through love. As we create a practice of self-compassion, it allows us to spread the loving energy outward to others, to be more forgiving and more accepting, to move more fully from the heart.

Heart Massage – Hridaya Marma Point
A great way to physically connect with your heart energy is by giving your self a heart massage. Very grounding when you are stressed, and very opening all of the time. Place one hand palm down on your heart chakra centre, in the center of the chest, 14 fingers from the navel. Place the other hand on top, and take a breath or two to feel your energy, notice what this area feels like, do any thoughts come up, any feelings? Is it comfortable? Does it feel open or closed? Try not to judge, just notice what is there. After a few breaths, start to massage the area in a clockwise direction, keeping the hands steady, and firm. Start slow, and then let the practice unfold, you may stay slow and steady, or you may feel the need to massage more vigorously, follow your intuition and trust that you are giving yourself what you need☺
Traditionally it is recommended to self massage this Marma point 300 times a day (5-10 minutes), see what feels right for you, and stop when you feel that its time. Keep the hands on the heart center for a few breaths, and notice what it feels like, maybe it is a little different than before?
This is a wonderful self practice to connect with your heart center, sending healing energy through your hands, creating opening and flow in the heart chakra.

Yoga is a wonderful way to slow the mind down and to connect with the larger energy as a whole.

Matsyanasana the fish

Wonderful and restorative, this asana, opens the heart, allowing you to release your mind and to come into a more connected state of being.
Relax into this asana for 5 to 10 minutes, breathing deeply and letting your self sink deep into consciousness

  1. Using a bolster, a cushion, a bed pillow folded in half, or a rolled up blanket or towel, lay down with your spine and your head supported, your pelvis and legs will be resting on the floor
  2. If your lower back feels tight, place a smaller, lower pillow underneath your sit bones.
  3. Allow your arms to come down by your side, palms spread open in a gesture of receptivity. Your shoulders will be releasing towards the floor.
  4. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy.
  5. Try to stay 5-10 minutes, allowing you to melt into awareness, maybe noticing or feeling the energy around the heart.
  6. Come out by rolling onto your side, move the pillow and take a few minutes to lie flat on your back in savasana.


Why not treat yourself to a healthy sweet. It’s nice to include sweet tastes in our diet, but without the refined sugar, in a way that is more balancing and digestible. These cookies are yummy, and very easy to make. Great for Vata, and Pitta, and good for Kapha in moderation.

Raw Coconut Carob Nut Cookies
¾ cup raw walnuts or cashews
¼ cup raw carob powder
1 cup dates (Medjool dates are very nice)
Pure Vanilla Extract- a few drops
Coconut to Cover

Process all the ingredients together in a food processor until fine and sticky. Roll into balls and then in coconut, or flattent and place a nut on the top.

If it isn’t sticking together well for you, add a Tablespoon of water, or a Tablespoon of your favorite nut butter

Heart Opening With Ananda Ayurveda This Month

There are some wonderful classes and events happening at Ananda Ayurveda this month, and more are manifesting☺

On Sunday, February 27 I am offering an Ayurvedic Cooking Class, at my beautiful home in Glenora, BC (just outside of Duncan). It will be a lot of fun, and we’ll get to experience how cooking with joy creates amazing food. Info down below.

On Thursdays in February, I am offering Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Classes at Natasha’s Temple in Duncan. This class is a wonderful way to connect with breath, working with our consciousness and heart energy to balance, heal and open.

Bodywork is amazing way to connect with the heart, and Ayurvedic Therapies are very nurturing, loving and opening. Physically relaxing and restorative, the treatments heal on deep energetic levels, facilitating opening and release on all levels of being. Treat yourself to the gift of touch, you deserve it.

Coming soon- A day of yoga and meditation Organic vegetarian lunch included. Let me know if you are interested, and which day in March could work for you, space will be limited:).

If you haven’t visited already I have a great facebook page- Ananda Ayurveda
And a beautiful website that I post more often than this monthly newsletter www.anandaayurveda.wordpress.com

As Always I thank you for sharing your time with me, and I would love to hear back from you. What helps you step into the light of your heart?


A Hands On Exploration Into Fun, Creative & Healthy Cooking According To Ayurvedic Principals

About the 6 tastes and how they relate to each dosha
How to make Ghee, Almond Milk, and Spice Mixes, as well as the full menu
How to cook simple,delicious & nutritious meals
Organic and Vegetarian
Lunch is Included

$65- space is limited call Asrael to pre register- 250 597 3973
Cooking Class Facebook Page

Miso Soup
Warm Lentil Salad
Ginger Raisin Chutney
Saffron Rice
Vegetable Papillotes With Almond/Coconut Marinade
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Fresh Almond Milk Chai
Amaranth & Date Energy Bars

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