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About Asrael

It is rare that you find a combination of deep compassion, clear insightful mind, and profound intuition in the same individual. Asrael is such a rare being. She offers not only the wisdom of ancient techniques, rather also the council of a women wise beyond her years.”~ Dr.Paul Dugliss

About Asrael

Working With Asrael

One of the most profound ways to encourage lasting change in our lives is to work together in a committed and connected way.  Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the subtle energetics of spirit, and the deep intuitive knowledge of her being, Asrael can create a unique package that will serve you on your journey to wellness.  Call Asrael to set up a time to connect and see if she can support your journey to health, well-being and self realization.

Working Together

Ayurvedic Integrative Counselling

Working with Asrael has brought significant changes into the way I am experiencing my life. She has helped me understand myself in a loving and natural way. I have gained insight into certain energetic patterns and belief structures I had previously held, and with her help I have found great relief, understanding, and peace. “- Amanda


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

“I have found working with Asrael transformative in making changes to my diet and lifestyle through Ayurvedic practices. Her sweet and compassionate nature makes it easy to explore areas of personal and spiritual growth.”
~ Deb C. (Duncan BC)

Yoga For Your Soul

Yoga Classes
Wednesday’s at Harmony Yoga: 4:30-6:00
All Levels Welcome
Hatha Yoga-Mixed Level Classes
Call 250 597 3973 for more information.

Yoga Offerings

Jyotish Astrology

Jyotish Astrology, or Vedic Astrology, can give insight into some of the key psychospiritual issues in one’s life. By understanding the birthchart, and learning how to work with the energies of the planets, one can grow, heal and flow into the potential they were born with.


Online Workshops

Beautiful Offerings Supporting Growth, Evolution and Transformation.

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Healing Light Yoga

Powerful, Transformative, Heart Opening


Healing Light Yoga- Releasing Habits With Subtle Movement

Healing Light Yoga

Marma Therapy

“My bodywork sessions with Asrael over the years have been full of relaxation, pleasure and profound healing. Her gentle and grounded presence creates a safe place to explore and release emotional blocks. I have found her depth of knowledge of healing traditions and intuitive guidance to be immensely helpful to me during times of transition. Asrael’s loving touch is nurturing and restorative. I would absolutely recommend a blissful treatment by Asrael.”- (A.B. Cobble Hill, Canada)
Body Therapies

What Is Ayurveda

Ayurveda- The Knowledge Of Life

Ayurveda, The Knowledge of Life, is an ancient healing system that focuses on creating and maintaining health and happiness, through balance in mind, body and spirit.   Unlike western medicine, Ayurveda is based on the belief that we are not just physical beings, but are also expressions of energy, or consciousness.   According to this belief, the treatments take place on many different levels, creating holistic balance.

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Instead of “catching something”, like a cold, a disease, or mental state, Ayurveda sees illness, as a manifestation of imbalance. Rather than immediately using medicine to treat the problem, Ayureda moves deeper in, addressing the root causes, not only the symptoms; whether it be physical, energetic or emotional. The treatments often consist of working with lifestyle choices, body therapies and inner energies to create health. You may have heard of your Ayurvedic Type, or Dosha, a combination of elements that are found in all things. Ayurvedic belief is that each of us has a unique constitution, yet underneath we are all connected. This unique constitution leads us each to have a different way of creating balance, and healing in our lives. The 3 dosha’s are Vata (air/space), Pitta (fire/water) and Kapha (water/earth). A person, with more vata, energy may be thinner, very talkative, anxious, or “airy”. A person with lots of Pitta energy may be very athletic, goal oriented, fiery and generous. Kapha energy is more soft, and slow, exhibiting itself as sweet, easy going, heavier, and sometimes lazy. It is important to remember that in the west we often exhibit imbalances, so what Dosha we think we are, may in actuality be an imbalance that we have created over years of patterning, and living a certain way. These dosha’s are connected to everything, from seasons, to times of day, from the emotional body, to the physical. To discover your Dosha, and what your imbalances may be, visit an Ayurvedic Practitioner, who will take your pulse, look at your tongue, and even your natal birth chart. They may prescribe you any number of things, from shifts in diet, to some yoga asana’s; starting small, to make big changes in your health and your happiness. Ayurveda relates to all things, affecting us on all different levels. Bringing balance as we create space in our lives and beings for peace, routine, and energy to discover who it is we are and what it is we need.

Contact Me

I can be reached by phone at

250 597 3973 

or email

All of the work can be shared in person, or by distance (with the exception of Body Therapies)

Where are we located?

We are located in beautiful Cowichan Bay, British Columbia.  A serene and peaceful seaside village, that is infused with healing energy.  Its easy to find us, we are just a few minutes drive off the highway, easy to access if you are coming from Victoria or Nanaimo.  Call for directions and more information:)

Divine Gifts

Churna’s- Ayurvedic Spice Mixtures

100 % Organic, and Made with Love
Spices for each dosha, as well as a Korma Powder and Garam Masala

Silk Gloves For Daily Garshana

100% Raw Silk Gloves
Soft yet exfoliating- a beautiful tool for cleansing the skin and rejuvenating the body

Gift Certificates

Available for all services, in person and by distance
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Enjoy this free monthly gift that includes Intuitive Insight, Ayurvedic recipes, and More


Spacious Fullness

Namaste, I hope that this newsletter finds you all well, and at peace wherever you may be in this moment.  What a wonderful spring it has been, there is so much life bursting forth, so much energy building, and so much space to grow in.  We were blessed here in BC with an abnormally beautiful and warm early spring. It was such a gift to get out in the garden, and to plant the seeds for summer.  At around the same time of this warm spell many spirit inspiring gifts also arrived.  I was blessed to spend a weekend in Seattle with Adyashanti, while at the same time receiving the gifts of ancient healing through an intentional Yagya.  This weekend inspired powerful movement and release, much of which I am still integrating.  There has also been more work on the documentary that was filmed last year, still no word on the release date, I will keep you posted.  Above all there has been a beautiful sense of connectedness, of peace, and of acceptance.  There is no hurry to do, there is no need to push or force, there is almost a sense of waiting to see what comes next, all the while living very comfortably in the present moment.   More recently the rains and cooler weather have come again, perfect for watering the seeds planted in fertile awareness, perfect for the quiet time that is reflecting through my being.  Perfect for nurturing the earth, and cleansing its essence so that when the sun appears again life can just bloom fully and completely. This month’s  Monthly Meditation Morning  will be...

Divine Movement

Namaste- Happy Spring!  What a beautiful time of year it is.  There is so much life bursting forth at once, as the earth awakens from winters peaceful sleep. It’s always amazing to me to see the way that life stirs after the dark season; light brightens the scenery, as the buds start to flourish, the colors deepen, and the spirits of the plants start to sing.  A feast for all the senses, whether it be the warmth of the sun, the scent of cottonwood buds, the beauty of yellow daffodils next to bright red tulips, or the stirring of greater life force reflected in my body.  Spring is a perfect time to shift the sluggish energy within, and to invite more prana into the being.  Breathing a little deeper, moving a little faster, and flowing with the natural rhythms of the planet. As always natural beauty is shining bright here at The Hawthorn.  Pete has created a beautiful space for our garden this year.  With the warmer days and greater light, we already have lots of vegetables started, and are enjoying wonderful spring greens that we overwintered.  Its wonderful to connect with the earth,  planting the seeds for future growth. This month’s  Monthly Meditation Morning  will be held Sunday, April 7.  There will 3 separate sitting periods: 9:00- 9:50, 10:00-10:50 and 11:00-11:50.  Drop in for any one, or stay for them all.   This space is for any silent mediation type, no experience necessary.  Its a beautiful opportunity to sit in silence and just be, with all and anything that is. Yoga Classes are ongoing at Oceanfront Suites in Cowichan...

Be All That You Dream

Namaste Spring is making its way to the west coast early this year.  It is so wonderful to experience the magic of the earth awakening.  Snowdrops are in full bloom, the buds on the trees are starting to plump up, and the nettles are in beautiful abundance already.  It is such a welcome and refreshing feeling to know that the light is growing stronger once more,  to know that once again its time to plant seeds and to allow the magic of nature to support the growth of all things.  A wonderful time for setting new intentions, and to clear out any cobwebs that we have been collecting over the past few months. Things are wonderful here at the Hawthorn, we are starting to seed our garden, and Pete has been creating a beautiful new fence and space for us to enjoy the wonderful vegetables that the seeds will transform into.   He is also starting a small permaculture/organic gardening business, so if you, or someone that you know are looking for any ideas or extra help this year, please call him at 250 597 3973.  His work is abundant and beautiful, creativity shines through in everything that he does. This month’s  Monthly Meditation Morning  will be held Sunday, March,  10.  There will 3 separate sitting periods: 9:00- 9:50, 10:00-10:50 and 11:00-11:50.  Drop in for any one, or stay for them all.   This is daylights savings day, so set your clocks forward an hour.  This space is for any mediation type, no experience necessary.  Last month’s was very well attended, and I had many people calling and asking for more. ...