Imbolc Blessings

A day of light, of the coming spring, of fire, and of a time of blessing.

Imbolc is a Pagan/Wiccan/Celtic blessed day, that marks the mid point between the Winter Solstice and the spring equinox.  A day for a celebration of the coming of spring, of the energy of the home, and of the triple of fire goddess Brighid.   Brighid is the patron of poets, healers and magicians, a goddess of divination and prophecy.

Today’s energy offers a little extra space for magic, listen to yourself and notice if there is more clarity, if you see or feel things on a deeper level,  and trust that whatever comes to you today is real, and right.  Dive deep and honor the inner intuitive, the inner healer and the transformation that is occurring within, and around you.  Trust, Enjoy and Honor your feminine.

I thought I would share a few traditional ways of honoring Brighid, and the energy of this day.

  • Tie up a piece of white fabric outside, perhaps a scarf, or a piece from your altar, even a piece of sheet would be fine.  Dedicate its energy to healing, and allow the energy of it to flow into the earth and consciousness as Brighid’s energy and the energy of us all flows by.
  • Light a red candle, and keep it alive all night, again as a blessing and a light to this beautiful goddess, connecting to all of the other flame keepers around the world tonight.. Place something you would like blessed by this flame and allow it to absorb the energy of the light.
  • Take a few minutes to meditate or find some silence, to connect with your inner energy, perhaps with the intention to allow yourself to slow down and open to the light and the energy of the coming spring

Today is also called Candlemas in the Christian religion, taken from this pagan celebration, it is an honoring of Mother Mary, by all means if that is more comfortable for you, enjoy your celebration and meditation with her energy.

In the more secular world today is Groundhog Day, and from what I have head, he didn’t see his shadow.. it looks like spring is coming soon:)

Tomorrow or course is Chinese New Year.  Year of the Golden Rabbit… a time of relaxation, restoration, flow, and enjoyment… to prepare for the Year of the Dragon to come.

Whatever the day.. whatever your belief, think of this as a good reminder to come into your own spirit a bit more, to bless the coming light, and to listen to your being.  A little bit of tradition, and ceremony is always helpful, and more powerful than you may think.  Intention is as powerful as doing, so connect with the heart, and enjoy whatever way you choose to honor this day and energy:)

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