Healing Light Yoga


Through my studies in Ayurveda I have learned to appreciate and love a different kind of yoga.  A yoga of union with our consciousness, of balance and of breath.   In the Ayurvedic Yoga classes we use a healing breath and direct that energy into our chakras and into the parts of our body that needs the most love.  The asanas are held a bit longer than in a traditional class, but are gentle and opening, creating balance and flow in the nadi’s (energy channels of the body).  In this way we get deeper than a regular asana class, we connect more fully with all the layers of our being, and we melt into the space of peace and relaxation.  Very restorative, very loving, and suitable for any level of yogi.

NEXT SERIES BEGINNING October 28, 2017- Balance Your Life

Six 90-Minute Live Online Classes – Can Be Taken From Any Location via Your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. All six classes in the series will be recorded and made available for two weeks after each class, in case you can’t participate live or want to review.


Fotolia_59803035_M-300x235Experience the transformative power of your being as you connect with your breath, restorative yoga postures and the 5 sacred elements in this gentle yoga class. Its wonderful for all levels, and all body types- no yoga experience is necessary.

Session 1: Healing Light Yoga Therapy – Core Principles Reviewed-
A review of Series 1-5, the Healing Breath, the core practice, utilizing breath, Healing Light, mantra for healing, Connecting With your Intuition

Session 2: The Earth Element and the energy of the 1st chakra. You are held, You are Safe, You are Supported

Session 3: The 2nd Chakra And Water- Connect With Flow, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence

Session 4: The 3rd Chakra and Fire- Feel the Power Of Your Divine Light.  Open to your worth your value, and the brightness of your innate nature

Session 5: The 4th Chakra and Air- Compassion, Love, Forgiveness- Divinity

Session 6: Putting it altogether- Working with a mix of the chakras and elements to support and open to the highest healing and transformation for our soul.


Registration for this course is open everyone, including those who have never done  Healing Light Yoga Therapy before. Introductory videos and handouts that illustrate foundational principles are included.

More Info
When- The 6 week session is held LIVE every Saturday morning 8:00-9:30 PST, all sessions are recorded and are available anytime for 2 weeks after their first showing.  Start date is October 28, 2017- the perfect day to step into your heart and your being.

Where- In the comfort of your own home, as long as you have a high speed internet connection.  If you are a yoga teacher and would like to offer this as a class- contact us for special rates:)

What To Expect- This life-changing 6-week course will redefine the way you experience yoga, and open you to your innate potential to heal from the inside out. Come learn how consciousness, intention, visualization, breath, and effortlessness can be more powerful than yoga asana alone when it comes to healing the body, mind and emotions.

A restorative yoga class in which we experience deep and powerful breathwork to nurture and nourish the self, as well as time for sharing and discussion both in class, and on a group web forum.
Tuition: $188 USD– Includes six interactive 90-minute classes, access to class recordings, handouts, introductory educational videos, and access to the participant online forum

  • Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to access our live online classroom (Mac users must have OSX 10.8.5 or higher / PC users must have Windows 7 or higher)