Happy Vedic New Year

This is an email I received from a fellow practitioner, Maria Carbonelli, of Sama Ayurveda, in Santa Barbara, CA.  It struck a chord with me,  and so I thought it would be wonderful to share with all of you:)

“Ayurveda has its roots in the vedic tradition and yesterday 4/4/11 marked the Vedic New Year.

The theme or purpose for this year is a challenging year for many. Our lives are in upheaval, jobs being lost, divorce and separation of relationships, homes being sold, moves being made, feelings of great shifts taking place within and externally from us. It’s an uncomfortable place to be. Anxiety is high. We have great obstacles to overcome but with that comes enormous growth. ENORMOUS growth. Real progress, not superficial surface level progress, comes through change, using the VATA energy to make this shift from fear to CHANGE but we also must use the PITTA energy to FOCUS on our changes and the KAPHA energy to NOURISH and sustain us through the changes so we don’t get depleted through the process.

Once we can see beyond our circumstances and move from fear we will be able to see the blessing. It is a difficult time and to make this statement is a bold one when we can barely see tomorrow through the muck. This is a great reminder that we have this reserve within us and to dive in and seek further inside rather outside of ourselves for answers. May that give us some comfort in our doing through right actions.”

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