Beltane Blessings


Happy May 1st.  A day to fully experience the beauty and energy of spring, wherever you may be.  Beltane, traditionally a festive day of rebirth, a time to embrace the power of creation, enjoying both our spirits energy,  those around us, and the fertile mother earth beneath our feet.

See if you can create time today to spend time outside, in the forest if you are able too, or even taking a walk someplace where there are trees, and nature, if you are in the city.  Breathe in the fresh spring air.  Take your shoes off, and connect with the ground beneath your feet.  Allow yourself to connect with the energy of the earth, to feel her power, her strength, and her blossoming.  Smell the flowers around you and bask in their scent.  Feel your beauty and your aliveness, and share that energy with those around you.

Happy May Day- Enjoy:)

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