Beltane Blessings


Happy May 1st.  A day to fully experience the beauty and energy of spring, wherever you may be.  Beltane, traditionally a festive day of rebirth, a time to embrace the power of creation, enjoying both our spirits energy,  those around us, and the fertile mother earth beneath our feet.

See if you can create time today to spend time outside, in the forest if you are able too, or even taking a walk someplace where there are trees, and nature, if you are in the city.  Breathe in the fresh spring air.  Take your shoes off, and connect with the ground beneath your feet.  Allow yourself to connect with the energy of the earth, to feel her power, her strength, and her blossoming.  Smell the flowers around you and bask in their scent.  Feel your beauty and your aliveness, and share that energy with those around you.

Happy May Day- Enjoy:)

Happy Earth Day ~ And Upcoming Events


I hope you are all well and wonderful on this beautiful spring day.  A day to honor the earth, and perhaps give special intention and energy to healing the impact of our lives on it.  Also remembering, that every day is Earth Day- so keeping the respect that we hold today, and allowing it to flow and transform our lives each and everyday, in our interactions with the earth, with our communities and with ourselves.

I am very excited to announce many new offerings this spring.   The sacred space of my beautiful home, The Hawthorn shines forth its energy as a place to share, grow, and learn together.  I am posting a list below of all the new scheduled classes, and will soon be announcing dates, for an Introduction to Energy Healing, as well as an Evening of Dharma Talks.

Ayurvedic Consultations are still on special this month for $100, this includes a free follow up.   Next months special is going to be extremely nurturing and opening~ A free Tarot Reading with the purchase of an hour and a half Abyhanga, or a Shirodhara treament.. Pure Bliss- Feel free to schedule now, if you have a special treat for mothers day in mind:)

Here is the new schedule- The Hawthorn is 4 km outside of Duncan, a 5 minute drive from town~ yet it feels like a different world:)

Weekly Meditation Sit ~ At The Hawthorn

Join us on Thursday evenings, for a 50 minute sit.  All types of silent meditation welcome.  A wonderful hour spent in peaceful silence, supported by others. Beginners welcome:)

7:30pm -9:00 pm

Call 250 597 3973 for directions, and more information.  Beginning April 28 – runs all Thursdays in May.

Weekly Toning Circle~At The Hawthorn

Healing with the magic and vibration of sound.  Open yourself to the experience of moving energy, clearing blocks and opening through the power of our own expression.  No musical experience or talent is necessary, we are working with our primal and natural instincts, and whatever tone comes out is just perfect:)

The class begins with time for sound to flow, in whatever form it may take, moving the bodies, and letting the voice be heard.   After this warm up, this opening, we will sit and ground for about 10 minutes in silence, allowing the energy channels to clear and settle.  We will then move through the chakra’s, working with different tones and sounds that resonate with each one.   There will be the opportunity to share with the circle with words at the close of the circle.  A truly powerful and moving experience.

Thursdays: 10am-12 pm

Suggested Donation $10~Circle dates: May 5th,12,19,26

Follow Your Bliss- Yoga With Asrael ~At the Hawthorn

A Class for all levels: from the beginner to the experienced yogi. We will flow with the breath, melt into the asanas, and open our hearts and our minds to the bliss of our being.  

Small class sizes- practice in a sacred, healing, and loving space.

Wednesday mornings 10am-11:30 am

Class Dates- April 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25

Suggested Donation-$10

Call for Information/Directions-  250 597 3973

Yoga Nidra ~ At The Hawthorn

Experience the ancient art of


Yoga Nidra is a body-centered form of meditation that can help us discover a greater sense of wholeness and balance that is naturally ours.  This method of self-inquiry is practiced in a comfortable lying down position, in which participants are guided into the deepest levels of relaxation and mediation.  This practice burns away negative patterns of conditioning, creating the space for transformations on the physical, emotional, and energetic levels.

Join Me For 30 minute Yoga Nidra (a recorded session by Swami Niramjamananda) followed by 30 minute silent sit

Tuesday May, 10 – 7:30pm

By Donation

250 597 3973

Dates to be announced soon~

Introduction To Energy Healing and An Evening of Dharma Talks~ followed by a short silent sit.

Happy Vedic New Year

This is an email I received from a fellow practitioner, Maria Carbonelli, of Sama Ayurveda, in Santa Barbara, CA.  It struck a chord with me,  and so I thought it would be wonderful to share with all of you:)

“Ayurveda has its roots in the vedic tradition and yesterday 4/4/11 marked the Vedic New Year.

The theme or purpose for this year is a challenging year for many. Our lives are in upheaval, jobs being lost, divorce and separation of relationships, homes being sold, moves being made, feelings of great shifts taking place within and externally from us. It’s an uncomfortable place to be. Anxiety is high. We have great obstacles to overcome but with that comes enormous growth. ENORMOUS growth. Real progress, not superficial surface level progress, comes through change, using the VATA energy to make this shift from fear to CHANGE but we also must use the PITTA energy to FOCUS on our changes and the KAPHA energy to NOURISH and sustain us through the changes so we don’t get depleted through the process.

Once we can see beyond our circumstances and move from fear we will be able to see the blessing. It is a difficult time and to make this statement is a bold one when we can barely see tomorrow through the muck. This is a great reminder that we have this reserve within us and to dive in and seek further inside rather outside of ourselves for answers. May that give us some comfort in our doing through right actions.”

Spring Cooking Class

Spring is in the air, the birds are back, the daffodils are blooming,  peas are in the garden ~ and there is a feeling of freshness all around me.  As the spring energy flows into my soul, I thought it was a wonderful time to announce the date and spring menu for my April Cooking Class

Ayurvedic Cooking Class – April Menu

Spring is a wonderful time for cooking, and learning about Ayurveda in relationship to food.  As it is Kapha season (moist, and cool), it is a great time to eat easily digestible foods that carry a little spice with them.  As well it is the beginning of the growing season, so fresh local vegetables are starting to appear, as well as wild spring greens.   I am so excited to be able to share this menu and class with you all:)


  • Blissful Green Goddess Juice
  • Wilted Green Salad With Caramalized Walnuts
  • Warm Spiced Dhal
  • Quinoa Pilaf With Fennel Leek Sauce
  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Dish ~ To Be Announced
  • Coconut Chutney
  • Cardamom Almond Cookies
  • Almond Milk Chai
  • Kapha Spice Mix

We will also make fresh almond milk and ghee, explore the 6 tastes, and eat this amazing and wonderful vegetarian lunch together:)

April 17 ~ 10:30-2:00 ~

The Hawthorn, Glenora, B.C.

250 597 3973